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Does anyone have any results about the FT held by the West Allis club? I show it was this past weekend.


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I cannot recall all the placements, but here is what I remember......


1st Razzle Dazzle Haile - Owner Teena Ritter - Handler Brasseaux
2nd ???? Handler Brasseaux
3rd Candlewoods Johnny Unite Us - Don Wolf
4th Calumet's Speed Demon - Sig Vilagi


1st Sunrise's Miss Daisy - Owner Chris Cocallas (just purchased Daisy before the trial!!!) - Handler Brian Moyse
2nd ????? Handler Troy
3rd Candlewood's Winning Colors - Joan Fine
4th ?????

redline said:
Handler Brasseaux
Who is this? Someone chasing derby points no doubt.
No... He was a former hunt test pro (Ed Thibodeaux) assistant who has chosen to go out on his own. He was continuing to work for Ed, but moving into trials and, from what I understand, went out on his own not too long ago.

The dog he got 2nd with is out of one of my breedings.

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