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Will Post the Open & Amateur results when I get them


1ST Buckshots Rock Your World
Watermarks Texas Welcome X Rockypoints Generation EX
Alma Lalley

2ND Carnac?s Mr. Truckin Wisely
Coppertop?s Roy JR MH X Carnac?s Hannah Bear
Frank Kearney

3RD Seaside?s Hakuna Matata
FC AFC Hawkeye?s Candlewood Shadow XFC AFC Carolina?s Electric Gypsy
Frank & Rita Jones
Al Arthur

4TH Bean?s Bottom?s Beauregard MH
Dove Hills Sabre X Dove Hills Babe
Mike Hodge

RJ Delta?s Katie Bar The Door MH
FC Kane?s Rare N? Able X Ravillo?s East River Nutmeg MH
Greg McGinn

Jam By Hook Or By Crook
Lottie?s St. Lucie Merck X Bo?s Shadee Ladee Sadee MH
Roger Perry

Jam Candlewood?s High Mileage Hope
2 X NAFC FC AFC Ebonstar LeanMac X FC AFC Candlewood?s Rita Reynolds
Marty Kress

Jam Dayspring?s Amazing Grace
NFC FC Maxx?s Surprise X Pee Dee?s Savannah
Steve Yozamp

DERBY (Derby went 5 Series)

1ST Contenders Dora
Riparian Windfall XReveille?s Bird Dreamer
Steve or Sarah Yozamp

2ND BB?s Smokin Gun
FC Doctor Feelgood IV X Smok?n Baby MH
V G Atterbury
Handler Steve Rogiers

3RD Devious Doe?s Lefty Koufax
FC Doctor Feelgood IV X Smok?n Baby MH
Steve Swann
Handler Steve Rogiers

RJam Carolina?s Trivial Pursuit
FC AFC Pozzy?s In Pursuit X Buckshot?s Carolina Sky Blue SH
Pete Janke

3,611 Posts
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This was Greg McGinn's first field trial competition. He received the Reserve Jam. with Katie Bar The Door MH. Way to go Greg. Greg has previously only run hunt tests. This will not be his last field trial.
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