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Jazztime and Chugach Hills Rascal info

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Interested in any/all info available on these 2 past dogs owned by Larry and Anna Calvert. I am planning to give Mr. and Mrs. Calvert a call but would also like opinions/thoughts from you folks as well. Trainability, confirmation, health, size, intelligence, good nix with____?,positive and negative traits - are the things I'm most interested in.

Thanks in advance -

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I purchased a Trip pup, he was 24 months old at the time. He's been with me since July '06.

I could not be happier with him! He's tall, well muscled, medium to large head, 74 lbs. If he has a fault, he is very thin of fur. He is also allergic to most everything in the world.

This dogs attitude is wonderful. He always makes an effort to work with you and do the right thing. He's focused, interested in his work, loves to go training and is doing very well. This past hunting season was his first and he did just fine.

I talked to Larry Calvert on the allergy issue. Trip did not have allergies. I talked to the owner of the bitch, and know her personally, and she states the bitch did not have allergy issues. Go figure. Just one of those things.
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