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Jerry - Gentleman's Retreat

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MY PM would not send to you for some reason! So i will go ahead and post it.
I am still planning on coming for training on friday. I will be coming through the area on Thurday to an inteview in Houston. I have to be in Houston (actually Clear Lake ) at 12:30.
You had said you would be glad to handle my dogs for the day. I will be bringing a 3 yr old male. Great dog, but just a marking dog. I am working him through his handling right now. And my pup 3 1/2 months old. I was wandering if i could meet you somewhere or if i could bring them by your place on thursday morning then pick them up on friday to train. The pup is just with me for fun. Can't leave her at home if there are birds and guns involved.
I will bring what poppers i have. I am not sure how many i have right now. thought i had more than i did. Don't worry about paying for them at all.
If you need to talk to me feel free to call my cell phone any time. I am always up late.

903-641-1667 cell
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Jerry, I too would like to send my dogs. I'll send some marking tape for the blinds, feel free to use it all. Here's a breakdown of the dogs and where they are at. I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience.

Trapper - 12 months - Young dog, just starting handling on T pattern, another week and moving to pattern field simple blinds. Working on doubles. Derby prospect.

Scoop - 3 years. Pheasant dog. If you could mix in some upland flush work that would be key. Running Master level setups

Peat - 2 years - Ready to run Qual. High energy type A dog. If you could teach him to sit that would be great.

Edge - 12 months - Same level as Trapper, doing ok but a bit soft. You might have to let him sleep in the trailer with you, and he likes steak.

Gracie - 4 years. Gracie is an English Pointer so don't worry about marks with her. If you manage to find her i'd like her back. Sweet personality

Oni - 2 year old BLM. Nice dog. Owner didn't do anything with her until she was 1.5 years old so she's a bit behind. Great drive for a stubby little blocky dog. You'll have to pick her up to get her in the truck. She likes peanut butter with her meal at night and don't lose the stuff toy or she'll howl all night.

Chipper - 10 months. House pet. Wifes dog. Good luck. We're not sure but we think she's a cross between a chiwawa (sp) and a long haired wiener dog. FF is going slow.

Bruin - 4 year old. Big time passive aggresive. (Show dog yellow) High bird drive but is quick to flip you the paw. Hates running marks uphills.

Now for the Goldens....

Darci - 2 years old. High drive and energy, good marking dog. Will piss on your boot in the holding blind. Midnight blue bandana

Kira - 3 years old. Running master level work. Owner does agility and OB competitions for her so you'll have to come up to speed on the whole hand movement hip shake thing to get her to swing finish and come in. Does pop because of the games she plays. She likes a lot of loving and some baby talk in the field. Dark pink bandana

Logan - My favorite golden. 7 years old. MH. Absulute lush on couch. Owner pheasant hunts him every other day 4 months out of the year so his line is a bit interesting. High bird drive, water launch to make you think he's a black dog. He does have a slight anger problem so you'll want to make sure you have an escape route if you burn on back. Oh and don't reach into the kennel for him if he doesn't want to come out, course you'll figure that out on your own. Purple bandana...

I'll keep the hard to train dogs home, wouldn't want to send the basket cases to you. Thanks and will this be a regular yearly thing cuz I'd like to have more time to plan for sending the dogs away during my vacation?

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Jerry said:

PLEASE send Gracie!!!!!!

I just bought a pen full of Bobwhites!!!!!!


I'll walk barefoot on hot coals for you, or maybe drink a hot beer and call it hot coals. But the idea is the same. :D

Oh Gracie loves the quail. I've won 3 open trials on quail. Never won with pheasants or chukers...

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