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Judgement Call

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I have a H/T question in Senior to pose to the group:

The Scenerio is Dog A has ran the marks and retrieved a double in a walkup and positioned in the honor area.

The flyer guns pull out the Duck for the next dog (b) who is still in the holding blind.

Dog A's handler is being spoken to by the judge and it breaks towards the flyer guns and is quickly told to heel by its handler. Honor judge tells handler to leash dog and judge on line tells dog b to commence walk-up.

My questions is this a right judgement call in Senior to drop the honor dog if it has a controlled break on the honor with no dog on line.
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Yupper to what Bob and Richard said..... It's senior for gosh sakes....

Though many senior stakes of the last few years that I've run, are set-up like a master minus a mark and judged like a master.

Needless to say I won't be running that stake for a while.

I'm not surprised at all with the call in your scenario Robert, if that indeed did happen...... :?

Bob Gutermuth said:
Is a walking honor REALLY necessary in a senior? or is it just a way to get these dogs to say AMF from the honor?
No it's not necessary and it's stupid....

1 - 2 of 35 Posts
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