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By request Bill Corcoran, from Heritage Kennels, will be returning to Texas for a summer trip break to give 2- 2day seminars at Vinwood Kennels in Anderson, Texas.

June 10-11th 2006- Advanced Handling seminar- senior/master/Qual

June 17-18th / may bring multiple dogs
Saturday- A solid basic foundation- OB, FF, CC
Sunday- Problem solving- Catatonic freezing, hardmouth, popping, no-go's, line manners, marking, autocasting etc.

$75 each weekend
$45 per individual day
$50 observer per weekend

Space is limited and filling up fast.

Make payment to:
Heritage Kennels
po box 812
Anderson, Tx 77830

Training DVD's are now available
Junior Basics: Fundamentals of obedience
Junior Intermediate: Force Fetch
$21.95 list price
$19.95 each for a limited time plus $4.95 s/h
The set can be purchased for $39 with free s/h
TX residence must include sales tax.
[email protected]
Call 281-687-8372 for credit card orders

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Hey Bill & Kelli!

Thank you for two great weekends of handler training and basic obedience / problem solving. Your knowledge of dogs (in all aspects of dog training from police, bomb, SAR, field, hunting, companion, puppy and birthing) definitely shines through everything you teach. Even having a little horse sense helps!

Granted, two-thirds of the problems are owner/handler errors or miscommunications. The remaining one-third relate to the dogs. How do I know? Bill?s work this afternoon with the FEMA SAR German Shepherd on force fetch proved (at least to me) Bill?s determination to work with most dogs and his ability to understand their side of the story. No, Bill is not a dog whisperer. Bill Corcoran is a Dog Coach; in particular, he is a Retriever Dog Coach.

If you want a winning dog, you need a winning coach. I believe and demand that in Bill. Their mid-summer trip will begin soon and I wish all the dogs on the truck the best. They don?t need luck, just a determined Coach with a winning attitude.

Again, many thanks to the entire Heritage Kennels team: Bill, Kelli, Rob, Dillon, Kyle, Colton, Taz and Paco!

See you very soon ?
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