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Tuesday training: First time running him since his foot infection. Setup water tripple with blind results dismal failure nothing on the marks went right(no goes,switching,no memory,creeping,etc.). I should just scratch him..sigh
Thursday training: Land marks not good but a bit better. Water double with blind, hey we can actually do something. Walk up on land with a live flyer pigeon. said nothing and he automatically sits yea!!
Thursday night moved club trailer down to campgrounds/headquarters.
Friday noon: met with Chairperson and judges and watched a bit as the judges picked areas and set up tests.
Friday 12:45pm starts raining judges working
Friday 1 pm starts pouring down rain. judges still tromping around.
Friaday 1:15pm go to clubs other trailer (breed club specialty trailer) and get ez-up and drinks with chairperson.
Friday 1:30pm Set up EZ-up in pouring rain.
Friday 1;45 PM elect to not unload equipment from trailer in case it floods and we need to move everything to higher ground. (last year the water level was 6 feet deep where we have the trailer parked.
Friday 2:45 go with a friend to put up signs for areas we are reserving in a golf cart thing.
Friday 3pm Golf Cart thing is stuck in the mud. Have friend push and get it to where Master is set up and put up sign and mange to get back to camp only getting stuck a few more times.
I am by now soaked thru. Check back at camp. Apprentice judge is scared to death of lightning and soaked, freezing and a very scary shade of white.
4pm Chairperson goes to get pizza and lasagne
4:30 pm Chair gets back with food they are eating in an RV. I leave to go to work.

Saturday 5:30 am damn annoying noise going off.....sigh
Saturday 6:50 am at grounds waiting for them to open, NO RAIN!!!
Saturday 7:10 Owner opens gate to property.
Saturday 8:15 at Masters (I am Marshall) have people checked in and 1st dog is running. This is my first time Marshalling Master and my First time running Master.
Have 52 dogs entered 2 scratches so 50 to run.
Test setup Diversion shot while dog is in blind, run blind (Barricade type run at hedge row tree thicket with open field to the right. Most of dogs want to veer off to right and out into field). Then a tripple, huge winger bird launches from backside of hedgerow in line with blind we just picked up out into field about 40 yards, then live shot duck comes from tree line 180 degrees from first bird, then middle bird out of short winger thrown in slightly pinching with first bird but with 30+ degrees of seperation. dog comes back with last bird and then comes back to holding blind and runs a blind off the backside of middle station.
Most dogs if they had trouble had it with the very first blind because they would not run at barricade/thicket but veered out toward open field, a few handlers picked up dogs here. The other problem was with the first mark down (memory bird)some dogs went back to the blind (mine included) and then had a hard time recovering.
We finished last dog about 3:20 PM Picked up equipment and headed down the road I got stuck on yesterday with cart. (dr en ough now so people are not getting stuck yea!!! Get set up there and run first dog at 4:25pm.
Set up #2 walk up tripple First bird is hand thrown from dike down into a ditch by the road. second bird is a huge hand throw from hill behind dike across onto hill gunner retired, dog must swim a short distance. Third bird down is about 90 degrees from second and thrown on shore across pond angled entry. Most dogs only had problems with second bird.
5pm chair calls me and says to stop running and send everyone in for dinner. I tell her no, we argue a bit and I agree to stop in 4 more dogs which will give us a total of 8 run (we had 37 called back from first series).
5:18 pm we stop running and I send everyone away and go out and grab guns and birds and head for camp.
5:30 get to camp and get one of the last dinners before the cooks leave.
8pm leave grounds

Sunday 5am wake up HA I beat that annoying sound device!!

7:00 am have meeting with chairperson at front gate to grounds. We are worried that owner may shut down our 2nd Master series because we are running across road and blocking traffic to a NAVHDA event today. I convince chair we have a pretty good chance of pulling it off.
8am we are running dogs again, trafffic is a nightmare for about the first hour, stopping to let traffic thru and holding traffic up etc. after that we have things going ok. Owner shows up with about 10 dogs to go and I do my best to keep her happy and things are good. Not perfect but good.
11am we are done and calling forbirds and live gunners and getting the test moved for the thrid series.
11:35 we are running first dog.
Set up #3 Bird #1 huge winger throws from 15 yards away to center of pond Bird two is a live shot flyer throw on hill pinching first birdenough that it is often a perfect over/under. Blind is shoreline trun under arc of first bird and then an honor.
Most dogs pick up memory bird on way to live shot flyer because wind is blowing from bird to line to flyer. Then dog has to go back on same line again and pick up the live flyer that is way past pond and on side of hill in edge of cover.
34 dogs are called back from 2nd series
4:45pm we are finished.

25 out of 50 dogs run passed the test.
I got my first master pass in my first master test, and more importantly got a big field of dogs all run thru the first time mashalling masters. :D

Everyone was very helpful and we had had a great time.
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