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KC HRC's April 28 & 29 Hunt Tests at Smithville Lake, Smithville/Trimble, Missouri are looking great. The Finished Tests are full, but plenty of spots in Started and Seasoned.

If you are a Hunter and run AKC, you will love HRC.

We will hold a Pig Roast and trimmings dinner ($10) and a Raffle after the Saturday tests.

We have some fantastic raffle items, a Bumper Boy Sportman, Avery Decoys, Training Bag, Zink Power Hen Duck Call, Full Set of SmartWork manuals and dvds, Avery Hex Bumpers, Armadillo Foam Ducks, Cabela Gift Certificates, Photo Protrait of your dog, Painted Protrait of your dog, Dog Vests, lots of dog training products, dog health care products and on and on.

There is no real close date for entering the test, premiums received after 4/19will not get in the program and you can even walk up and enter the day of the test, just bring a filled out premium with you.
It states on the premium that there is a late fee of $10 for premiums received after 4/19, this has been waived, there is no late fee.

There are one full set of tests on Saturday and another on Sunday.

Premiums can be downloaded from

HRC Hunt Tests are truly "Created by Hunters for Hunters".

For info on HRC HTs go to

Any Questions about any of this, please feel free to contact me at
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