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Anyone going to smithville this weekend? I think it will lots of fun. I talked to the club president and it sounds like lots of prizes, and lots of fun. Hope to see ya there. :p :p :p
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I will be there! It will be nice to meet you Missy.

Hey Ken looks like I will be one of your judges :shock:
I am going to bring some maple syrup for the raffle table.
Looking forward to meeting all of RTF people out there this weekend.

Oh darn and I wanted to do a belly crawl goose hunt :wink:

J/K buddy.

Might you title this weekend????? :lol:

Better put the ice in that bucket of water now guys!!!! :twisted:

Oh the sweet joy of a title. :D

Missy is threatening to have her camera, not sure I could to that to ya buddy. :lol:

I am sure my co-judge will come up with something fun that will test the dogs. As you know this is my first Finished judging assignment so I don't want to be under the bus come Monday morning! :wink:

But a goose hunt might be alot of fun if they have enough decoys. :D

1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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