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1st--Crow River Cougar's Mad Max/Rorem/Roger Weller
2nd--Snap's Dough Boy/Eckett/Loren & Carol Morehouse
3rd--FC Tartan's Prime Time/Kenny Trott/Jim & Barbara Howard
4th--FC Mizpah Miss/Kenny Trott/Floyd Bradley
RJAM--Roughwaters Bam Bam/Eckett/Fred Hershberger
JAM--FC AFC Chances R Mein Schatzie/Eckett/Nona Bauer & Jim Carlisle
JAM--Lil Bit's Petite Syrah/Eckett/Holly & Victor Garcia

AM--Rorem Clients sweep
1st--Norm Elder, Nick--FC AFC CFC CAFC He's Czar Nicholas (new AFC)
2nd--Dave Furin, Deuce--Mioaks Better Think Twice
3rd--John Ketzner, Walker (choc out of Barracuda Blue)--Senaquin's Windwalker
4th--Bob Heise, Izzy--FC Candlewoods Ebonstar As Good As It Gets
RJAM--FC AFC Meba's Ms Chief/Robert Hanssen
JAM--CFC CAFC Prairie Marsh's Duck Man/Norm Elder
JAM--Ridgeview's Magic Trix/Linda Tobler
JAM--Happy Tails Last Chance/Ed Schulenberg

1st--Northlands Prarie Habanero MH/Beck/Duwayne & Kimberly Bauman
2nd-Scandia Valley Blue Chip/Fabian/Ray Amundson
3rd--I'm Bubba Joe/Larry Bernemann (or Jim Beck)
4th--Salty Paw Midnight Missie/George/Susie Ritch
RJAM--Phyllo Farms Mini Mag/Claudette Klein/ C. Klein & Robert Hanssen
no jams

1st--Call Me A little Bit Pricey/Dave Harter/Harter & Marci Nabity
2nd--Flying Dogs Lucky Lindy/George/Barb Farrell
3rd--Lil Miss Chevious/Peterson/Garrick & Brian Biesemeier
4th--Reg name missing/Holly Garcia/J. Victor & Holly Garcia
RJAM--Salty Paws' Get Your Gun/George/Sam Dieterich
JAM--Teal Oak Beach Party/Trott/Kathleen & Donald Fregelette

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I see Dave and his clients had a great weekend!! I see Norm won the am with Nick. That means our dog Nick is now and AFC also. Yippie!!!

Pat Lindell
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