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Your next competition dog will be ready to take home on 1/23/2022 (A great National Derby Bday)
4 Females Available

Puppy's pedigree includes 3 Hall of Fame dogs, 2 NAFC FC AFC dogs, one is her grandmother who was both NAFC and National Derby Champion. CAFC, multiple FC AFC, MH, QA2 and QAA dogs. These dogs have the lineage to compete.

FC AFC Deacon has 86 AA points with 13 AA wins. Earned his FC AFC at 3 yrs old. Qualified for 6 Nationals at 5 yrs old and a National Open finalist and went to the 8th round in 2021.

Gracie QAA has an impressive resume. 9 Derby starts with 3 wins/placements earning 23 points for a 2.6 average which placed her 4th in the nation. QAA 1st place at 25 mo. She has won, placed or jammed 13 of 14 career starts. She works well on the truck and is a loving family dog.

“She is a talented dog, fun to train. Her record speaks for itself. Most trials were against some of the best dogs that year”. Josh Conrad, Pro.

$500 deposit Whelp date 12/5. Competitive homes preferred.

See the pedigree: HuntingLabPedigree


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