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Lafayette Louisiana and surrounding areas!

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My name is Mike and I am 24 years old. I recently moved to lafayette for work and am having trouble finding places to train. I dont know anyone from this area and land owners arent going to let complete strangers train on their property. If anyone from this area has any advice please let me know. Are there any retriever training clubs that would give me access to somewhere to train. I dont want to compete in ht or ft but just need somewhere to work a young dog to get her ready for next duck season. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Thanks for the advice i plan on contacting cajun HRC. For now, i am living in a house in a neighborhood with a very small yard. Do not have enough room to even do basic yard work with her for the time being. Not sure if this club is mainly for field work but i need somewhere i can work on basic drills also. My dog annie recently recovered from her second CCL surgery so i plan to bring her back into this VERY slowly.
There is a huge field behind the Hilton on Congress that I've seen folks doing drills and pattern blinds. The little pond next to the Hilton is loaded with frogs.
I actually live very close to that field. I figured someone would run me off if i went out there but i may try it out.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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