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Launcher Bumpers

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Are the bumpers for a hand held launcher compatable with the Bumper Boy? Can I expect a similar lauch pattern?
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The handheld bumpers should work on a BB but they are smaller, lighter and more streamlined so they go a lot faster and further. Attaching streamers slows them down and makes them more visable.

Regards, Jason.
Good advice from Jerry and Trent there. Another useful tip is to only use the green loads - yellows and reds are far too hot for those smaller bumpers.

Regards, Jason.
Re: Bumpers

Mario Monico said:
Hi there is a guy in Ontario Canada that makes the proper size they are called OUTLANDER and they work great I two have converted a hand held launcher to act as a Bumper boy you can also get the conversion from Lion country supply Hope this helps Mario
Hi Mario

Does the guy have a web page?

Regards, Jason.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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