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Learning how to judge.....

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I was just wondering, when a person has never judged before, and they are brand new, got talked into taking the test or apprenticing, asked to judge, then what happens? You go out with the "senior" judge and then what?

I got asked to judge a senior test at the end of summer and now I am seriously regretting saying yes, and I still have to apprentice...

I am going to feel like a complete idiot and probably won't remember anything I have already learned. Everyone will know it is my first time.

Do the major judges LIKE teaching someone to judge?

Freaking out regards - Mary
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Frenchy said:
You're Freaking out.......what about all those would be handlers that have to run under you!!! :shock:

Seriously re-thinking my summer entries regards,

Whatever! You are a dork! You are on my good list after all. Saving the camp from the Swamp Thing.........
WHAT?! I don't love candles unless it's to cover up the smell of wet DOGS in the house! Sweet nothings?! I am sweet enough without having some "nothing" tossed my way.. :shock:

Taxes? Well, I gotta file an extension also just like every year. I went training instead. 8)

Senior judges? Well, if they have a cane, I'll take em! What I will do with them is a secret......... :wink:

As far as the serious answers, I will have fun 4 certain. I just hate the whole New Person BS! I will feel like a beginning JH handler again which I shall despise....
Uncle Bill said:
But my advice to the King of the Camp is to not take any crap from those Griz wrestlers, regardless of the size of dog they are running.

UB...thinking my advice may have been redundant.We'll still be needin' those pictures, Howard.
LOL! What pictures Howard? You been telling secrets?!!!!!

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