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Line breeding on Little Man

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Saw the thread earlier on Little Man. Has anyone tried line breeding on him considering both parents were CNM clear?


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Maybe alot of people, me included, are just curious to see what others thoughts are on it and are checking back on the thread to see what information is being presented.

Trying to see the best in people,

What I was trying to say is that maybe most people do not have any information to share about linebreeding on little man and they are checking back on the thread to see if anyone has experience and what the results were.

I do not breed nor do I profess to know too much about breeding but I was hoping to gain some insight on any linebreed pup. The information I was hoping to find is pretty similar as the information I try and fine out about any litter, or about any stud or dam that I am looking at a litter of. I am a bit more interested in this thread or any linebreeding thread as I have always been curious about linebreed pups. Like you, I am hoping to learn a bit...

I am hoping to find information if a line breeding has been done, if so what traits were they hoping to double up on, was it successful etc, as well as the standard info such as what characteristics do the pups have, were there any health issues, are any of these pups with a pro or "A" list amateurs, what do they think of the pups, , how are they or how did they advance in the yard, what is their training attitude like, water attitude, etc, marking ability, etc...
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1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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