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What is the line to the blind

"Line" to the Blind

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How many feel that the line to the blind is a laser line from the handlers side to the bird.If you will, explain why you feel that way.

How many feel otherwise, if you will,will you also explain what you think "it" is and why you feel that way.

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Re: Line to the blind

Ron Schuna said:
The line to the blind is the laser line for the first 150 yds and the corridor I see when holding up my hand giving the longhorn sign with my arm extended towards the bird and the bird in the middle. Just the way I try to run in training and tighter yet in a trial
As a full fledged Tea Sipper, I appreciate your reference, but I try to visualize a "V" formed by my Index and Middle finger. It's a cone with the blind in the middle of that cone.

Out of that cone up front is bad, in that cone at a distance is good.

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