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What is the line to the blind

"Line" to the Blind

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How many feel that the line to the blind is a laser line from the handlers side to the bird.If you will, explain why you feel that way.

How many feel otherwise, if you will,will you also explain what you think "it" is and why you feel that way.

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And BTW, I still don't see how some in the blind discussion think dog B was getting farther from the blind along the way, while clearly dog B was closer with every step.
Not getting farther from the blind, farther from the line to the blind. The drawing can't give you a true measure of scale so we are all speculating. My take is that he must be too far offline b/c the handler kept stopping the dog and handling, yet got no direction change. Not a good thing.
1 - 1 of 56 Posts
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