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Cant believe I Missed this post originally!!

All that is is a Moose that hass obviously been Goosed!
The man harnessing that beast up is a very TALENTED indivdual!
Much on the same level as a guy that really has the concept of having a dog seating well with a duck!

That Big Bull has immense admiration for the Human, as a result of the rigorus "Goosing sessions that he has been through!" The Bond is more incredible than anyting many of you will ever experiance!

Them Moose Goosers:

By Mason Williams

How about Them Moose Goosers,
Ain't they recluse?
Up in them boondocks,
Goosin' them moose.

Goosin' them huge moose,
Goosin' them tiny,
Goosin' them meadow-moose
In they hiney.

Look at Them Moose Goosers,
Ain't they dumb?
Some use an umbrella,
Some use they thumb.

Them obtuse Moose Goosers,
Sneakin' through the woods,
Pokin' them snoozy moose
In they goods.

How to be a MooseGooser?
It'll turn ye puce.
Gitchy gooser loose and
Rouse a drowsy moose!


P.S. Thats mys Uncle Earl in the pic!

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I was pretty sure this had made the rounds earlier, as you pointed out, Russ.

The reason you missed this the first time around, MG, was because you were in rut. Prolly stompin' around in the snow, flashin' your thong. :roll:

BTW, burn me a copy of that Mason Wms bit. Always enjoyed it, but lost my CD.

UB...wonderin' if that rendition still brings tears to the eyes of his Mrs. :lol:
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