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Loose stool

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Say I was wondering if anyone would know why my 6 yr old BLF would be having loose stool. Nothing has changed in her diet nor have I changed dog food brand (pedigree adult). It just really soft, cow pies. It makes me concerned. I haven't seen much change in her attitude. It has been going on about 5-7 days now. She has went swimming during that time wondering if you think its just a parasite she might have swallowed.

Thanks for the help!!!
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It could be giardia. If it gets worse you may have to treat it. The first thing you could try is get some probiotics from a vet supply or health food store or try plain yogurt from the natural section of your grocery store.
Giardia is a parasite that is common in Wisconsin in water that causes diarrhea. Most vets can do a test for it. As far as brands, if you have a health food store or health food section in your grocery look there or use plain Dannon. Where are you in Wisconsin?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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