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I've been training in what is called the Square Pond DTA for several years now. This spring has been unusual in that it's had zero flow for several weeks. It's about two feet lower than normal. This morning seemed like a good time to check the exposed shoreline and low water for anything which could be a problem for water entries. I have an old metal flag pole from a golf course that makes it simple to probe the water near the shore for "obstacles". Wow! I'm glad I did.

Before starting on what might be below the surface, I spotted a four inch piece of "rebar" sticking up out of the mud. Then several large, sharp pieces of limestone were found in the same area. Beneath the water about a foot out from the first "rebar", I found another one.

I managed to remove the submerged rebar, but the piece that was 4" out (see photo) is now sticking about two feet above the mud. Hopefully, the fork lift on a neighbor's tractor will finish the job.

"low water rebar"
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