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Lyme's Disease Question

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A friend who isn't an RTFer asked me to post this. Her 14 month old was recently diagnosed w/ Lyme's. Titer is 66, which vet says indicates "having the disease, as opposed to just exposure". The dog hasn't been vaccinated. She also shows no symptoms. There were a couple days of feeling a "little punky", but absolutely nothing since then.

Their home-visit vet is very circumspect of her requiring the doxycycline treatment and so I'm posting to try and get a general (vets especially please!) consensus of what is appropriate for this dog.


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2Blackdogs! said:
Definately treat it. That same Doxy takes care of all the other mentioned tick born diseases too I believe so not sure I would test for them-one positve test would be enough for me. If they wait till the dog shows lamness there will be a good chance of arthritus later.
Will a course of Doxy now prevent lameness, or any other TBD symptom, later? I don't think so. Many dogs with TBD's are asymptomatic and remain so their entire lives. Doxy has been proven to be very effective at quickly resolving the symptoms, should they occur. Some people advocate treating with a course of Doxy even if the dog isn't displaying any clinical signs out of the theory that there may be symptoms present, only that they are very subtle. Other people claim that a dose twice that prescribed by a vet (5 milligrams per 10 pounds of body weight?) given over a period twice as long as that prescribed by a vet has produced some amazing results. (I believe that a subsequent scientific study has refuted this claim) Not all dogs can handle Doxy (stomach problems) so I have heard that tetracycline may be a suitable option.

Blue has been diagnosed with Lyme. He has never shown any signs of the disease. I chose to treat with a course of doxy. Saw no difference, but it made me feel better. I keep a course on hand and will remain vigilant watching for symptoms. I feel that catching it early may be critical.

My belief is that Lyme disease in dogs in the northeast will reach epidemic proportions. Vets in this region, even with their growing attention to TBD, are still behind the curve.
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