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Lyme's Disease Question

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A friend who isn't an RTFer asked me to post this. Her 14 month old was recently diagnosed w/ Lyme's. Titer is 66, which vet says indicates "having the disease, as opposed to just exposure". The dog hasn't been vaccinated. She also shows no symptoms. There were a couple days of feeling a "little punky", but absolutely nothing since then.

Their home-visit vet is very circumspect of her requiring the doxycycline treatment and so I'm posting to try and get a general (vets especially please!) consensus of what is appropriate for this dog.


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Our one year old male was limping a little last fall for about three days, barely noticeable but by the third day he would not stand up. Took a couple steps and laid down, a few more steps and laid down again. He would not stand up. Took his temperature and it was 104.6 I did not know what was happening but with the prevalence of lymes up here, I had some tetracycline in the house and started him on it immediately. Next morning he was up walking around although he was stiff. I took him to the vets and he tested positive for lymes. She switched him to Doxy, because of being recommended medication although tetracycline would work. By three days he was running and playing with the dogs. It scared me enough that I bought enough doxy for all my dogs and treated them for three weeks.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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