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Lyme's Disease Question

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A friend who isn't an RTFer asked me to post this. Her 14 month old was recently diagnosed w/ Lyme's. Titer is 66, which vet says indicates "having the disease, as opposed to just exposure". The dog hasn't been vaccinated. She also shows no symptoms. There were a couple days of feeling a "little punky", but absolutely nothing since then.

Their home-visit vet is very circumspect of her requiring the doxycycline treatment and so I'm posting to try and get a general (vets especially please!) consensus of what is appropriate for this dog.


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Definately treat it. That same Doxy takes care of all the other mentioned tick born diseases too I believe so not sure I would test for them-one positve test would be enough for me. If they wait till the dog shows lamness there will be a good chance of arthritus later.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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