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Lynching/RTF bus postponed.

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From a credible source comes a report that Shayne and Northrup have set up a very nice test in Hernando!

A wide open triple.

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I think Memphis uses ducks.

lablover said:
Are they having cocktails as the dogs run?
They are just using ducks!!! No pheasants=no cocks=no tails=no cocktails!!!!!

If you are referring to Shayne, then does the sun rise in the East and set in the West??? If he doesn't have a drink before the sun goes down, he turns into a really nice guy that goes to church and respects women......

Shayne, no doubt that you were going to "get er done" well before dark.

Northrup is good with time management and I know you were inspired.

'Rita regards

AmiableLabs said:
You know, we don't have to give up on the bus yet.....

What is Shayne wearing? :?:

I think I remember hearing Guthrie say that Shayne sleeps "Commanche" style. I imagine he's not wearing much about now. Very disturbing mental image :shock: .

Not sure how Guthrie knows that? I don't want to know.

1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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