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qualifying results:

1- Reaction's All Aboard - Cary Hunkel
2- Landover's Touch of Tiffany - Purtell
3- Field of Dreams Hunt-Um-Up 'Hunter' - LaFave (Curtis)
4- ?- Gerald Strong
RJ- Razz-L of REiver Velvet- Spittel
Jams: Rockin BS Ridn n Style - Cocallas (Moyse)
Gimme Five More - DuBose
Redstar's Rockstar of LaCrosse - Teasdale
Country's Bye Bye Jo Dee- Schampers
Calumet's speed Demon - Vilagi (Look Missy!, cousin Speedy)
Niki Snowbird - Bledsoe (Justicedog's 3rd Q ever! & we're getting better each time!

Derby Results:

1- Drivig Rain - Goff
2- Calumet's Speed Demon Vilagi - (Cousin Speedy again, Missy!)
3- Field of Dreams Hunt-Um-Up 'Hunter' - LaFave
4- Conzac's Coyote Ugly Jersey (Johnson/Davis)
RJ- Top Gunn Skyy is the Limite (haight/attar)

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Results - different that previously posted

Copied these off from signed judges sheets that wereposted in clubhouse
hope i didn't make a mistake
1st NFC Patton - bredeson

2nd Colt Fort Five - Gierman
3rd Red Cedars Maxamillion - Curtis
4th Pow - Powers
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