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chrisdrew said:
Any results?
What happened to the FTS :wink:
Why won't she post up the results :)
Bob "SMITH" you should know the Derby results.

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2nd: FC-AFC High Tech CEO
3rd: The Preacher
4th: FC-CFC Wingovers Little Joe
Jams: Distagons ATV Of Nordais
Rubie Begonia

1st:FC-AFC-CAFC-CFC Saltypaws Mssile Toe
2nd:FC-SouthBays Maxx's Mischief
3rd:AFC-Prairie Wind Hawk Eye
4th: FC-AFC High Tech CEO
Jams: AFC-SouthBays New York Titan
Rebel Ridge Maxxiumum Mojo
Distagons ATV Of Nordais
Roughwater's Misnight Run SH

1st Mac's Perfect Storm
2nd Chance's Bang For Buck
3rd Sommit's Jackson At Rivers Edge
4th CH Blackwaters Friar Tuck SH
Jams Bush Creeks Hi Jinks
Bush Creek Jillian
Blackwaters Cassie Litl Tigress
PitBoss Black Cork Coot
Blackwell's Pocket Rocket Rosie
Susquehanna Black Diamond
First lite's Eye Of The Tiger
Sugarfoot No Spin Zone
C&C Stacked Deck Yogi
Chesbay Tucker

1st: Double Creek HHYH Redux
2nd:Saltmarsh Caernac Zeke
3rd CK Brutus
4thPlourd's Ides Of March
Jams: Light Farms Cooper
Ambertails Renegade
Double Creek Wauchula
Beaverdam's Bertha
The Weekend Warrior
Rebel Ridge Devils Luck

From the field trial Secretary I would first like to thank all the juges
Pat Fenstermacher, Frank Kearney ,Sem Dieterich, Lynn Budd, Jenny Grasse, Neil Robson, Rex Bell, Bob Gutermuth. All Of you gave up at weekend for MRC Bob Thanks for stepping in at the last min. To All of our help, Vicki McCormick, Charlie Hayden, Newt Cropper, Gerard Troha, Karen Cropper, Lyn Yelton, Les Levering, Nelson & Nacy Sills, Tim Carrion, Bob & Kris Tosadori, To everyone else that helped Thank you so very much. Very sorry the placements were posted late.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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