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Qualifying Results:
1st Place-Shannondoah's Highland Drake, MH
O: Auggie Argabright, H: Kristen Hoffman
2nd Place-Le Bleu Deux - H:Bruce Koonce
3rd Place-Solum Deuce Of Walensis - H: Mike Osteen
4th Place-Kahn's Limited Edition Kyle, MH - H: M. Osteen
RJ-Blackwater Cassie Lil Tigress***, H: Joyce Shaw
JAM-Creek Robbers Digin Dutchman - H: Bruce Lyster
JAM-Sommit's Jackson At River's Edge - H: Alex Abraham
JAM-Tailwalkers Black Marlin - H: M. Osteen
JAM-Ironweeds High Bird Shooter - Paul Brown
JAM-Meet Joe Black - H: Dan Beisner

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Sadie says awesome job to her littermate Deuce and Jennifer Wallace for the 3rd place ribbon in the Qualifying :D

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1st Place-AFC Voight's Dyna - H:M. DuBose
2nd Place-AFC Breeze Hill's Burnin' Comet - H: G. McGee
3rd Place-AFC Small Craft Advisory - H: G. Unger
4th Place-Island Creeks Tom Terrific - H: R. Roberts
JAM - None Given

1st Place-FC-AFC Longshot Black Talon - H: B. Willow
2nd Place-Rubie Begonia - H: B. Clark
3rd Place-AFC Rammin Sweet Candy - H: M. Bohn
4th Place-Tanks But No Tanks - H: B. Clark
RJ-A Cut Above III - H: B. Bernhard
JAM-AFC Tapper Jake MH - H: G. Francis
JAM-Brink's Virginia Lady - H: S. Ferguson
JAM-FC Emberain Beau Geste - H: J. Rasmuson
JAM-Implied Consent - H: E. Dixon

1st Place-Firemark's Prayer Of Jabez - H: D. Jansen
2nd Place-Cropper's Tess Pilot - H: N. Cropper
3rd Place-Peakviews Miss Scarlet - H: M. Osteen
4th Place-Rogue's Nemesis - H: M. Osteen
RJ-Rebel Ridge Whistlin' Dixie - H: Lyn Yelton
JAM-Nashville Cat - H: Kristen Hoffman
JAM-Holland Cliffs Nicole's Time - H: Alvin Hatcher
JAM-Stoney Knolls Power Hitter - H: G. Francis
JAM-Big Mill Un Tuff Cook-e JH - H: C. Blades
JAM-Beaverdam's Au Poivre - H: P. Roberts

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Woohoo - how 'bout that Jay! That's a derby first and second for the Firemark kids this weekend - they must have a really good breeder, huh????

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Congrats to you Auggie! That's two now....leave the Q, lots of 'em won't miss you :wink:
A big conrgratulations to Dave Jensen & Lee Nelson for the derby win!
Also, a big congratulations to Blue Ridge Club member Greg McGee for the Open 2nd, which puts the "other" title on Comet...FC-AFC Breeze Hills Burnin' Comet! go girl, whaddaya need, a half point for Oregon?
BRRC member Steve Ferguson with another JAM.
George, you & Jake are strong!
Way to go guys and gals!

Staying home this weekend regards

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Congratulations! Seems the Firemark Goldens are doing well all across the country this weekend!!

Very nice! ..Congratulations to "that really good breeder" Too!! :)
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