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Maxx 5000 ????

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My Maxx is not working properly (or at all). The maxx is charged and the electronics are working fine. But the the turntable will not turn. Has anyone ever had a problem like this. And if you did what did you do to fix the problem? Thanks

Ralph Bartley
Mulberry, Kansas
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I haven't had this specific problem but have had a few others. With your Maxx turned on (propane and oxygen off), try to rotate the turntable by hand. Do not force it. If this doesn't work and you have a volt meter. You can check the battery voltage. I recently had to replace mine. The wiring inside is fairly simple. You can probably take it to electronics hobby shop and have them check the power to the motor, coil and switches.

Good Luck!
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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