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This is a very late press release. However, it is being posted to provide visibilty to this annual event
A sunny and early fall day, duck calls, decoys, water, birds, and dogs. A great recipe for fun ? otherwise known as the Manitowoc County Kennel Club?s Hunting Dog Expo. Held Saturday September 11, 2004 on the Club?s training grounds along the Manitowoc River, the 2004 Expo lived up to this formula.

The Expo, in its 6th year, was created as a way to allow gun dogs and their owners an opportunity to tune up their skills prior to the upcoming waterfowl and upland game seasons. The Expo is likely the only interactive event in Wisconsin ? and certainly one of very few in the Midwest ? for the average dog and handler to experience tests and games that simulate hunting scenarios or test handling skills. This year?s event featured ten different sporting dog games for handlers and their four-legged partners to tune their skills and just flat out have a good time. Games can be run for fun or ? for the handlers with bragging rights on their mind ? for points that lead to the Event?s championship. The champion ? Great Lakes Hunting Dog Champion ? is honored by a traveling trophy in memory of the late David G. Meisner. Mr. Meisner was publisher and founder of Gun Dog magazine, The Retriever Journal, and The Pointing Dog Journal ? premier publications on sporting dogs. A Reserve Champion is also recognized.

Approximately 100 dogs participated in the 2004 Expo. There was some very good dog work but five dogs in particular distinguished themselves ? four of which were Labradors and the fifth, a Springer Spaniel. However, there is only one championship team and that was Chuck Gyrion and his retriever Maggie. The key to the championship is consistency. Chuck and Maggie accomplished that finishing first in the Mallard Field Frenzy; and third in the Chukar Run, Pheasant Scurry, and Wood Duck Shoot. The 2004 Reserve Champions were Mike Poley and his retriever Agape. Mike and Agape finished first in the Pheasant Scurry and placed in the Mallard Field Frenzy. The remaining dog and handler teams will have to wait until September 10, 2005 when the club will again hold the Hunting Dog Expo.
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