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Message from Susan, Chad & Kelsey Darby

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Almost two weeks have passed since Chris was taken from us. The time has gone so slowly with a wide range of emotions. I’ve attempted to write personal thank you notes to all the wonderful people that have touched our lives during this tragedy, but my courage dissipates quickly. That process, along with completing the “appropriate paperwork”, makes things so final. I don’t want final,…I want our life back,…the one Chris, myself, Chad and Kelsey shared prior to April 27, 2012.
So for now, I found this verse I’d like to share with all the people that have touched our hearts:

Perhaps you sent a lovely card,
Or sat quietly in a chair.
Perhaps you sent a floral piece,
If so we saw it there.
Perhaps you spoke the kindest words,
As any friend could say;
Perhaps you were not there at all,
Just thought of us that day.
Whatever you did to console our hearts,
We thank you so much,
whatever the part.

Hug those you love! Much love,
Susan, Chad and Kelsey
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