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1st) Skywatch Like a Rock - Ray Vreeland O/H
2nd) FC-AFC Blackwater Ruby II - Ron Ainley O/H
3rd) FC Heartbreak Kid - Outhoudt / Sletten
4th) Weezer Retreezer - Johnson / Sletten
RJ) Red Cedar's Maxamillion - Pete Hayes O/H
Jam) Plyllo FArm Mini Mag - Klein / Dewey
Jam) Dust Devils Indigo Rock - Schweikert / Dewey
Jam) It's-R-Time - Truax / Norwood ?
Jam) AFC Tippecanoe's Tyler - George Wamsley O/H


1st) Field of Dreams I'm A Winner - Brad LaFave O/H
2nd) FC-AFC Sally's South Paw - Jim Dorobek O/H
3rd) FC-AFC Two Toe's Out the Door - Nick Uithol O/H
4th) FC AFC Nick of Time Lone Ranger - Charlie Hines O/H
RJ) Mioaks Fabulous Flipper - Gordy Alfter O/H
Jam) CFCRPM Forger - Magnusson / Vreeland
Jam) Marchwind Cold Front - Mark Taube O/H
Jam) Chantry's Black Watch - Doreen Comrie O/H
Jam) JD's Pony Express - Ron Briggs O/H


1st) Waterdogs Morningstar - Stracka / Sletten
2nd) Blue North Alces Americana - Ed Zeerip O/H
3rd) Magiclabs Mini-Me - Bruce Borkovich O/H
4th) Warhawks Gun Smoke - Sheppard / Dewey
RJ) Lost Orchard's in the Rough - Carl Ruffalo O/H
Jam) Shandy VIII - Kampo / Sletten
Jam) Jaybar's Dark at Night - Renee SchulteO/H
Jam) Dudek's Serenity Bullet - Chris Dudek O/H :)
Jam) Counterpoint's Wind it Up - Dianne Herpolsheimer O/H
Jam) Roakin BS Ridn in Style - Cocalas / Norwood
Jam) River Hills High Man Dealing - Eskelson / Norwood

If someone has the derby results please post 'em.
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