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Mid-Atlantic NAHRA regional 11/20-21/04

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The MA regional is scheduled for the weekend of 11/20/04 and is being held by the Mid-Atlantic Retriever Club at Great Meadow, The Plains, VA. There's going to be a fantastic banquest and auction Saturday night.

You can find out if you've qualified by sending an email or calling Rosemary at the NAHRA offices. Contact information and premiums are available at
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What are the qualifications? I don't run many but my bitch should get her MHR at Three Rivers next weekend.

If I'm not mistaken, if you receive your MHR next weekend (the cut-off date for the Regional) you should qualify. I'd give Rosemary a call at the NAHRA offices to confirm.
Nov. 20 the opening day of Virginia's second waterfowl season.
Not very good scheduling for us hunters.
I thought all the mid Atlantic clubs dropped nahra after they got rid of dfts?
Not sure how many entries they will get on an waterfowl opening weekend either.
Hate to whiz in ur cornflakes Jim. All MA clubs are holding NAHRA always.

Why don't you come down and have some fun.
not wizzin in my flakes. I just remember all the M.A. clubs resigning from nahra after they got rid of rubber duckies.Glad you guys are having fun.
Hey Jim,
Can I wiz in your corn flakes too? :lol: Didn't you and the Yankee club drop NAHRA because of the dokens? :? Well they are gone, a new pres is kicking butt, membership is back on the upswing. When are you and yours coming back? I miss driving down to Yankee's NAHRA tests. I recall you once saying you wouldn't come back until the dokens were banished, well they have been.
Ken Bora
Hey Ken. Yeah they got rid of them,I'm happy they did, for all the retriever orgs.,just a little late for me.I chose to move on. Still hope nahra does well,i just don't think I'll be involved with them. I really don't care to get into a debate about nahra at this time,I just was curious,that's all. Hopefully nahra will continue to get back on track.
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