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Middle TN Hunt test - keep your fingers crossed!

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i just looked at the weather and it says LOW 70's!!! through the weekend.

KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED as dogs and handlers are often on the verge of bursting into flames at this test!!! :)

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I'm looking forward to hearing how 6 Master tests, 1 Senior, and 1 Junior all share the grounds on Saturday! :D

If anybody can do it, it's the MTARC regards, :wink:

I didn't realize they'd split the Friday Master into a third group.

9 test levels running at the same time...... :shock: ......and we've got the largest total entry we've had in awhile for our spring FT in Chattanooga.....HTs and FTs truly do not conflict.

Yep.....same here....several folks that used to run Chattanooga on a regular basis are coming back since we changed the date.

Keith: How quickly you have forgotten some of the competitors that cannot come due to change of date.
Crown Royal Ragle
Marty Kress
Dave Kress
Dick Kaiser
Dennis Wilcox
Tommy Fairchild
Erik Gawthorpe

It is OK, we will do our best to change our world to fit into yours.
I haven't forgotten anyone, Eric. I'll miss you all. Seriously.

Our world was changed by TWRA. You stand a LOT better chance of changing your date than we do ours, since Poole Knobs is dedicated to dog training, and the Hiwassee Refuge is dedicated to wildlife habitat. If you can find/think of a way to change TWRA, I'm all ears! :wink:

1 - 4 of 16 Posts
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