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NOTES: Apparently somebody at the IL Department of Natural Resources made a HUGE mistake and issued permits for our field trial grounds three times over! In other words, we were not double-booked, we were triple-booked with two other pointing dog events. Kudos to Charlie Hines for making his property available for not only the Open but also the Derby. And Kudos to Amateur stake judges John Gassner and Kate Simonds for making the best of a bad situation. The Amateur concluded with a very difficult water test. Only two dogs were able to complete it cleanly, and understandably, those dogs came in first and second.

OPEN - Ron Ainley & John Nichols (71 entered)
1. Adam's Shooting Star - Charlie Hines (First Open stake entered!)
2. Candlewoods Ruffian - Joan Fine (Andy Attar)
3. FC-AFC Pier's Top Gunner - Mary Knapp (Ben Vallin)
4. Riparian Mariah's Miss Vixen - Dr. Gregory & Susan McGee (Ben Vallin)
RJ. FC-AFC Autumn Run's De Super Tara - Warren & Susan Exo
J. FC-AFC Tequila Sunrise IX - Lori Oliver
J. Two Toes Out the Door - Nicholas Uithol
J. Brookdale's Sugar and Spice - Jim & Judy Powers (Judy)

AMATEUR - John Gassner & Kate Simonds (51 Entered)
1. FC-AFC JJ's Desire to Go - Mitch & Linda Patterson
2. FC-AFC Nick of the Time Lone Ranger - Charlie Hines
3. FC-AFC Morgan LeFae of Buckshot - Win & Susie Purtell
4. CJ's Mister T - Fred Kampo
RJ. Tai-Dek's Flying Dutchman - Theresa Kucan
J. NFC-AFC Five Star General Patton - Deb Bredeson
J. FC-AFC Windy City's Secret Signal - Charlie Hines
J. FC-AFC Tequila Sunrise IX - Lori Oliver
J. Drake's Bay Kate's Choice - Rich Wilke


DERBY - Jane Paul & Donna Jackson (17 entered)
1. Driving Rain - David Goff
2. Calumet's Carronade Commando - Hal & Sharon Gierman
3. Waterdog's Morningstar - John Stracka (Kurt Fleisner)
4. Game-Getter Think I'm Kidding - Joan Farenzena (Kurt Fleisner)
RJ. Waterdog's Shock and Awe - John & Mary Stracka (Bruce Halverson)
J. Dudek's Serenity Bullet - Christopher Dudek
J. Hardcastle Full-Throttle - Kurt Fleisner
J. Calumet's Speed Demon - Sig Vilagi

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Kevin, Thought I would correct you on one dog. 3rd place in the open went to Piper's Top Gunner and he was handled by Mary Knapp his owner.
So way to go Mary, outstanding job!

Kevin I had to do it, Gunner is the sire of one of my young field trial dogs and I'm pretty proud of Mary on her accomplishment.
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