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I will be accepting a limited number of young retrievers into my training program. The ideal age to begin the program is 5 to 6 months old. The pup will be introduced and acclimated to life at the kennel and its daily routine. It will then proceed to obedience, yard work, and lots of marking and retrieving. With time and progress the pup will continue with a balance of yard and field work, drills, water work, force, collar conditioning, and more advanced marking concepts. Bumpers, ducks, pheasants, and flyers will be used throughout the training process. I will also accept one to two puppies to raise until they are ready to start my training program. The pups will be crate trained indoors, socialized, exposed to the daily training routine, and go through puppy basics with obedience. These puppies will be extremely prepared for the young dog training program!! I will be training on Bob Hayden's spectacular Wood Dale Farm's retriever training paradise... Home of the Derby National! I will also have access to other premier training grounds around Sedalia, MO from April through Dec. I will then re-located to the Giddings, Texas area where I have access to amazing retriever training grounds. The winter trip will run from approx. January through March each year.

Mike Pappas
Hills High Kennels
Young dog retriever training program. Teaching solid basics to insure success through transition and into complex all age work.
[email protected]
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