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Jazztime Northern Exposures Say When (Doc) Whelped March 22, 2018 AKC #SS04564103

During his training program Doc:
•Has been through basic obedience where he learned Sit, Here, and Heel. (Two-sided)
•Force Fetch, Stick Fetch, and Walking Fetch
•After collar conditioning, he was forced to the pile and learned three handed casting
•Next he learned the double-tee which included right and left back, right and left angle back, right and left over a well as come-in.
•Next he went on to learn the wagon wheel lining as well as casting drill
•He then proceeded to the water tee and swim-by
•He is a strong swimmer and has a nice water entry
•He is very steady on the line, does not creep, and does not vocalize

Doc is ready to move forward in Hunt Test, Q, and All Age stakes

Health Clearances OFA Hips Good: LR-247349G26M-VPI FA
Elbows Normal: LR-EL96200M26-VPI
Eyes Cerf: Normal
CNM: Clear
EIC: Carrier Docs

Sire FC AFC Jazztime Northern Exposure:

Dam Baypoints Leather N Lace MH:

Please Email: [email protected] I do not look at RTN inbox
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