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A BLM and BLF are available. They are siblings. They have been through basic obedience training which includes sit, stay, here and heal on left side. They respond to both verbal and whistle commands.

Retriever training includes delivery to hand, single marks out to 100 yds on land and 60 yds in water. Double marks of 75 yds on land and 50 yds on water. They retrieve through decoys on land and water. They will do walk ups and diversions. They are steady to shot and wing.

Additional training includes force fetch, walking force fetch and force to a pile They do 3 legged pattern blinds on land with stopping and redirection. They are in the process of doing the same on water. They do a 4 spoke drill. They will both do land blinds out to 50 yds. Working on water blinds. Both are taking good lines.

Both are easy going with a strong desire to please. Learn quickly. Team players. Strong hunting desire, determination and persistence. Excellent noses. Both come from strong hunting and hunt test background.

The BLF is about 60 lbs and the BLM is 70 lbs. No health issues. Current on vaccinations and heartworm prevention. Will come with written health examination record.

Pictures and references available upon request. Call or text Dan at 816-261-5740 for questions, information and offer.
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