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More Golden Field News!

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Just got off the phone with Mike. Allie got a CM in the Qual today. She had a great trial going till the last bird. Allie, Ambertrail She's All That, WCX, has a 3rd, 2nd and a couple of CM's in the Qual this season. That is all after just coming off a litter and only started training again in May. I like this bitch! :-D Push will be going to the last series in the Amateur tomorrow. Wow, another great weekend :-D

I was excited to hear Dave and Donna Williams dog won a Derby last week at their first Derby, then I heard today that his litter sister finished a Qualifying last weekend up in Quebec, first Qual ever. Didn't do anything in Junior but finishes a Qual at just 19 months old. This young gal's name is Ambertrail's Lightening Maggie and is owned/trained and handled by Pierre Dontigny. Both youngsters are out of our Jimmy, (FTCH., AFTCH. Ritchie's Toronto Bust, Am.***) and our Reba (Splashdown Arriba Reba, Am.***, QFTR, Amateur win). This turns out to be a breeder brag ;-) I am just so happy for these really special people and their dogs. Very cool! Our girl will run her first Junior tomorrow! Fingers crossed for her. Jimmy is nearly twelve years of age and Reba seven. This was Reba's first litter and man I hope we luck out one more time with this duo before they are too old.

I also heard that a friend of ours won an Open last weekend in Northern Ontario. Ken Crosby and his dog from Jim and Kathy Pickering, "Ida Red Calvin and Hobbes Can.***". Nice dog, great guy! Mike and I are thrilled for him, Jim and Kathy. I trained with Kenny a few weeks ago here. Had a great day! Anyways, I know I am forgetting someone, and I apologize, but am really pretty jazzed for Golden Retrievers in the field this year. That's my news for now. Have a great night everyone!

Take care for now.

Val Ducross
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