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Most titled retriever?

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Anyone have candidates for the dog with the most titles/certificates? You know, like FC/AFC GMHRCH MH and all those agility, rally, tracking, etc etc?
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twall said:
Since Tim threw out Tiger for a male chessie I'll put UCDX CH Nugett Hills Briarose MH CDX WCX CGC in for a female Chessie. Briar also had legs for her MHR. My wife did all of her obedience work and titles and most of her ht titles. I put a few of her MH legs on her. Her current owner, if she's still alive finished her MH.

Briar was a wonderful bitch. I still tell people she is the reason my wife married me. We met when she was having some training issues with men. Briar, not my wife. Briar would flare gun stations with strange men and often hunt outside the aof intentinally. Briar took to me from the start. She overcame her strange men issues enough to be successful in HT's. It did keep her from being competitive in FT's. Hunting behind the gun because you don't like the bird boys just doesn't make it!!!

So you are saying that you were used to condition a dog to "strange" men? :lol:
1 - 2 of 39 Posts
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