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1st #32 RPM XENA O Magnussion H C Dygos
2nd #27 Luke O Davis H C Dygos
3rd #8 Dixie O Inculet H DeVos
4th #17 Seaside's One To Many O H Swanson
RCM #25 Riley O Andrews H C Dygos

1st #35 Grousebrook's Cody's Image o Snow
2nd #36 Kirby O Modesto
3rd #20 Dakota's Quickdraw O fowler
4th #18 Kapriver Tytan O Aherne
Rcm #33 Arwen O Mottola

1st #12 Rip O Modesto H Dygos
2nd #4 Baypoint's Every Day Is a Gift O Keachie H DeVos
3rd #25 Baypoint's Let's Do It Dirty O Sadwin H DeVos
4th #14 Pilkington's Power Struggle O H Richardson
CM's # 1,3,5,8,17,18,19,21,22,24,26,27 Do not know the RCM

1st # 24 Marsh Grass Nicked for Life JH O H J DeLeemans
2nd #18 Hawk OH D Harwood
3rd #21 Topbrass Smooth as Silk O Robinson H DeVos
4th #20 Byrd's Rowdy Rooster OH Herpolsheimer
Rcm # 1 Mjolnir's Cassie O Matthews H Dygos
cm's # 3,13,17,25,31,33,35,36

I may have missed a jam in one of the all age stakes but these were the results given to me
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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