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The event is up on the NAHRA web site here-
or click directly here-

Double Started, Double Intermediate, Double Senior
NAHRA Field Test
Licensed by the North American Hunting Retriever Association, Inc.
May 6 and 7, 2006
Swanton, Vermont

We invite you to join us for this event on or near the grounds of one of NAHRA?s first field tests in 1984, truly the birthplace of NAHRA.

Birds: Mallard ducks and pigeons or Hungarian Partridge. Prizes: Official NAHRA rosettes and bands.

A modifiable entry form is available on and ENTRIES WILL CLOSE AT 6:00 p.m. ON TUESDAY, APRIL 25. WE WILL NOT ACCEPT ENTRIES AFTER THE CLOSING DATE. We will not accept fax, phone, e-mail entries, or incomplete forms. To qualify for the NAHRA member fee, your membership number and expiration date MUST be shown on the entry form. Sign each entry! Make checks payable to LCRC, ?US funds? only. If sending FedEx or UPS, do not require a signature. Send completed forms (one for each dog entered in each category) to:
Mel McKnight, Field Test Secretary, 907 Bean Road, Plainfield, VT 05667

Phone (802) 454-7746, e-mail [email protected] <mailto:[email protected]>

The drawing for the running order will take place on Wednesday, April 26.

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and the running order is-

Saturday, May 6
Started I
1 CHASE Ken Kalil
2 DOUCE Andre Dupont
3 HAYDEN Bruce or Lynn Caplin
4 ICE Ken Bora
5 MIDNIGHT Dave Armstrong
6 MILLIE Jeremy Levett
7 TRIPPER Jeremy Harmon
8 FANNY Mario Sinclair/A Dupont
9 BUDDY Dany Filteau

Intermediate I
1 RUBY David Laskey
2 GATE Ken Bora
3 CAMI Craig Rexford
4 SPIKE Ken Kalil

Senior I
1 MISTY Debbie Brennan
2 CARBON Frank Plewa
3 FERROUS Bradley Sisson
4 MORGAN David Butler
5 BOO Rick Irick
6 MEG Margo Ellis
7 CHANCE Wayne Goodrich
8 BELLE Bruce Jenkins
9 LIL Rick Irick
10 JAGER James Hundemer
11 TIM Tara Yohan
12 EMMETT Bruce Caplin
13 GAUGE Donald McKenzie
14 EIDER Bradley Sisson
15 WILL Tara Yohan
16 KERNAL Frank Plewa
17 TORCH Bruce Butler

Sunday, May 7
Started II
1 MIDNIGHT Dave Armstrong
2 ICE Ken Bora
3 CHASE Ken Kalil
4 HAYDEN Bruce or Lynn Caplin

Intermediate II
1 GATE Ken Bora
2 SPIKE Ken Kalil
3 KIAH William Preston
4 RUBY David Laskey
5 CAMI Craig Rexford

Senior II
1 TORCH Bruce Butler
2 KERNAL Frank Plewa
3 LIL Rick Irick
4 BELLE Bruce Jenkins
5 MOLLY Mel McKnight
6 JAGER James Hundemer
7 EIDER Bradley Sisson
8 CHANCE Wayne Goodrich
9 WILL Tara Yohan
10 BOO Rick Irick
11 EMMETT Bruce Caplin
12 FERROUS Bradley Sisson
13 CARBON Frank Plewa
14 TIM Tara Yohan
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