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Name Help

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Ive got a Ford pup comming and was throwing around two names and wanted to see what you guys thought. Give me some feed back! :D

Meherrin Rivers Bored Out Diesel

Meherrin Rivers Hot Rod Diesel

Call name (of course) Diesel
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I know someone has an opinion
I do drive a duramax but pretty weird call name :p
Thats pretty good but I guess Im kinda partial to the first one. It kinda gives you an idea of who the sire is.
would it be wrong to have powerstroke in my dogs name when I have a duramax? :lol:
No never been to that coast.
I live on the Va NC border west of 95. The Meherrin runs through around here.
I dont know you know about kissin cousins around these parts. :D
I think Im gonna go with Bored Out Diesel if the AKC dosnt cut it off.
I wondered the same thing so I looked it up and yes you can bore out a diesel. Google is an amazing thing!
Im pretty sure the AKC would cut off Meherrin Rivers Power Strokin Diesel
1 - 10 of 24 Posts
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