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Decatur Island Gold's Last Grizzly SH x SHR Penny's Birdland Benelli
No Puppies available
Puppies born September 5, 2020

Nelli is a smaller golden with a slightly wavy, dark field coat. She is extremely athletic and has impressive drive in the field. Nelli comes from an accomplished line of field bred Goldens. Nelli is quite versatile, with hunting experience in both upland and waterfowl settings. When she is not retrieving she is a well mannered house dog.

Nelli's Clearances:
Hip clearance:OFA GR-122827G29F-NOPI
Eye clearance:OFA GR-EYE17554/38F-VPI (3/19)
Heart clearance:OFA GR-ACA4075/38F-VPI
Elbow clearance:OFA GR-EL42471F29-NOPI
prcd-PRA status:Clear by parentage
PRA1 status:Clear by parentage
PRA2 status:Clear by parentage
Ichthyosis status:Animal Genetics Carrier
NCL status:Clear by parentage

A tribute to his breed, Griz embodies the optimal working golden. He is in an elite class of Goldens that are completely clear of all genetic disease markers available for his breed, coupled with GOOD hips and NORMAL elbows. An optimally sized & structured field golden providing an excellent choice for health, drive, birdiness, desire, biddable, athleticism, water attitude, handling, hunting and versatility.

Griz's Clearances:
Hip clearance:OFA GR-123248G24M-VPI
Eye clearance:OFA GR-EYE13847/15M-PI (11/17)
Heart clearance:OFA GR-CA33548/24M/P-VPI
Elbow clearance:OFA GR-EL42887M24-VPI
Thyroid clearance:OFA GR-TH3613/24M-VPI
Dentition clearance:OFA GR-DE756/24M-PI
prcd-PRA status:Paw Print 36902 Clear
PRA1 status:Paw Print 36902 Clear
PRA2 status:Paw Print 36902 Clear
Ichthyosis status:Paw Print 33748 Clear
DM status:Paw Print 36902 Clear
NCL status:Clear GR-CL5-321/29M-PI OFA

Contact me if you're interested!
Bodin Wilson
Call/text: (970)260-8997
Email: [email protected]
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