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1) Do Mar Buddy, LM, owned and handled by Doug Larsen

I am not sure about 2 and 3, they may be reversed

2) Pike of Castlebay, LM, owned by Hank McNeil, handled by Bobby George
3) Barton Creek's O Mustad, owned by Mike Haring, handled by Bobby George

4) Hilltop's Mountain Music, owned by Marcus Young, handled by Bart Petersen

Do not know Jams


1) AFC Sky Hy's Husker Power, owned and handled by Ted Shih
2) TKO's Wing and a Prayer, owned and handled by Northrup Larsen
3) FC Fat City Juice, owned by Nathan Limoges, handled by Loren Morehouse
4) Wagtail's Rare Indigo, owned by Dennis Mitchell, handled by Greg Anderson
RJ) Red Cedar's Maxamillion, owned and handled by Pete Hayes
J) FC/AFC Bart's Ebony Dart, owned and handled by Loren Morehouse
J) Snap's Dough Boy, owned and handled by Carol Morehouse


1) Freeridin Smooth Operator, owned and handled by Ted Shih
2) I'm Bubba Joe, owned by Larry Bernemann, handled by Jim Beck
3) Northland's Prairie Habanero, MH, owned by Dwayne Baumann, handled by Jim Beck
4) Duncan's Britt, owned by Ray Duncan, handled by Ted Shih
RJ) Scandia Valley Blue Chip, owned by Ray Amundsen, handled by Bill Fabian
J) Mallard Creek Amazing Amber, JH, owned by Sandra Reigstad, handled by Jason Baker
J) A's Gladiator Maximus, owned and handled by Al Lidolph


1) Freeridin Vampire Slayer, owned and handled by Ted Shih
2) Call Me a Little Bit Pricey, owned and handled by Dave Harter
3) Roughwater's Chasing Dreams, owned by Monte Wulf, handled by Jim Beck
4) Salty Paws Sweeter than Wine, owned by Marcus Young, handled by Bart Peterson

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