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Here's the deal. We have been doing some behavior consulting work with a veterinarian here in town. She does a lot of "holistic" type treatments and has had some success. She is looking to refer boarding clients to us and asked us if we take "Titers Dogs". She gave me a brief explanation, and I told her I would do some research and get back with her. I have done my google stuff, and read some things on here from previous threads, but it became clear that I needed an "idots guide".

Let me finish by adding a few things. My initial reaction is that this is a better, more "natural" approach to vaccination. Essentially, if the dog doesn't need it, why give it to them. The vet is not a "Super Hippy" type holistic person, she does regular vet stuff as well. What risks are there to other dogs in our facility (sometimes up to 50 dogs) if we take in these types of dogs. The BIGGEST concern I have is parvo, as we have a couple of litters a year.

Thanks in advance

PS For all the shenanigans that go on around here from time to time, RTF is really a valuable resource for folks in the dog business.
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