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We just bought 4 new ones last month to update some older equipment and I can tell you I've used them day in and day out without any problems. The new release works flawlessly and they've added stronger bands as well. You can stack them flat on top of each other for easy transport in your truck or on the back of a four wheeler. They are very light weight and easy to carry.

One thing I really like is if you use a primer with your throw, it is totally removed when you get ready to reload it. You just walk up and put another one in the primer hole. Don't have to worry about carrying needle nose pliers in the field with the Gunners Up.

We have 15-16 y/o bird boys that reload these things without any problems or safety concerns.

I highly recommend them. For the price and quality, you can't beat the value of them.

We have 14 of them total and trust me, we put them through the wringer day in and day out. There have been days we left them in the field overnight, in the rain, etc. etc. and they have continued to perform. I would also recommend the Dogtra electronics only because they have worked flawlessly as well.

Customer service at Gunners Up is A+ as well. Richard will bend over backwards to help out in anyway. He is a class act and runs his business that way. I've personally known him for about 8 years now, but I'm recommending the wingers to you not because he is a friend, but as a consumer giving you an honest, objective opinion of the product that I've used and am completely happy with.

Hope this helps,

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