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New error message

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This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota

Please contact this site's webmaster.

Wait a few minutes and use your browser's "Back" button or click here to try again.

If you are the webmaster, your account may have exceeded for one or more of the following reasons:
Your site has used more than 20% of the cpu.
Your account has too many processes running at the same time.
Your site was consuming too many resources. This happens on occassion to very busy sites that have inefficient scripts running.
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Re: I got that same error too ...

Keven said:
I got that same error too. I'm wondering if maybe we all weren't doing the same thing when we got it.

I watched Ken Bora's movie and when I came back to the boards, the error found me. What was the last thing y'all had done right before receiving this error?

Might help ... dunno.

Its the Chessie virus, be very careful . . . .
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