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Got my first Yellow Lab (Murphy) in 1996...worked through the James B. Spencer book "Training Retrievers for Marshes and Meadows" and had a lot of help from my best friend who worked at Cabela's at the time. Murph was an inside dog, and did pretty well on waterfowl, okay on pheasants. Most importantly, he was great when when our family started a few years later.

Second Yellow (Zeke), came to us in 2009...from same breeder as Murph. Great family dog but didn't hunt my daughters were 10 and 8 at the time...and sports quickly ate up much of our free time. Sadly, Zeke went to dog-heaven in July of 2021. After a few months, I decided it was time again...thankfully my original breeder was still doing her thing...

Last Saturday, the wife and I made the 6 hour drive to pick up our latest, Ranger. His mom was 80lbs and tall...Dad is 95lbs, looks and acts much like my Brother's dog (he is on Lab #2 from the same breeder). Ranger is doing well and just turned 7 weeks old on Wednesday.

Wife brought home a Shiba Inu on Christmas Eve (Indy), he's about a month older than Ranger. They are playing, and wrestling, and chewing, and getting along great.

Look forward to reading and learning here!

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Welcome. I always say that it is against forum rules to post about a new puppy and not include a photo. 馃槉馃槈馃悤

Sounds like you have double trouble with two youngsters in the house.

best of luck!

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I agree ..Puppy pics are a pre-requisite . ;)
'Shiba's' are not favored in my line of work , not for anything else other than ,they look like a Fox. lolx Had a lovely one (and owner) when we done obedience training with pet owners years ago ,and it was Top of the class!!
Double trouble with youngsters in the house is a management thing, not a breed or age thing (imo) .
I have two pupster's at the moment , and not uncommon to have several more on occasion.
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