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Titles just prove the dog is capable of meeting a HT standard.
I run local upland hunting trials dog against dog, judged against set requirements that are scored. Even though not akc UKC recognized its still proof the dogs can hunt.
In my opinion any event you enter that shows a dog can do the work there is nothing wrong with it. Now if you plan on breeding people that have done their homework will look for akc/UKC titles.
I met a great guy in Wyoming, Bo Allen of Stealthpoint Kennels, and trained with him on a few occasions. He has a wonderful German Wirehair and it was a thrill to watch him work/point. Bo runs his dog in trials and I don't believe they are AKC although he may run those also. Bo really liked my dog too and thought he would be very competitive in these trials. While I'll continue running AKC HTs and FTs, I would consider running these just because it's a lot of fun watching the dog use his nose and hold steady before putting up the bird and they're so happy to make that retrieve. Anything that involves birds is ok by me!

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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