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New Hunt Test Organization- Upland Gundog Association

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UGA is holding an event in Iowa May 12/13, All Breeds, All Upland Test. Pointing labs are running in the pointing divisions and you test out in one weekend?!

Anyone else seen this? Attending? Looks interesting....

uplandgundog (.) com
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A title is not really a title to me unless its recognized by the AKC or UKC.
So what you are saying if the dog can do all the work of a akc/ukc event but the owner of said dog is not a ribbon chaser it does not count for any thing.
Nope, if the dog can do the work and makes you happy that is all that matters. But if and organization says they are giving out titles its nice to be able to see them on a pedigree. I am sure these tests are a blast to run and compete in, and I might enter if one was in my area. It's all about having fun with your dog, that is why I run AKC hunt tests as well as some field trials and also HRC hunt tests, its all fun.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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